Rent scooter on a minute basis

Do you need to get to second end of a town? Are you fed up with traffic? Do you hate looking for parking spots?

We do have a perfect solution for you

  • Imagine using the app on your phone you have access to electric scooters scattered around the city. With a few clicks you rent a vehicle which you get on and ride. Just like that. Traffic does not concern you any more, you do not need 20 minutes to find a parking spot, you do not need to refuel, you do not care about the service or to pay insurance.
  • Never moving around the city was so easy. Try it, we guarantee that you will be a regular user.

Instructions in four steps

1. Find and book

After logging into the application, find the nearest scooter and book it for free. You have 15 minutes to get to the vehicle, you can use the navigation to get there easily.

2. Start

After pressing the button "start" in the application you get 2 minutes free to get ready for the ride. Open the rear box with the blue button, put on the hygienic cap, helmet and you are ready to go.

3. Ride

Enjoy the fast and eco-friendly ride. According to numerous studies, a scooter is the fastest means of transport in the city.

4. Park and finish

Have you arrived? Put the scooter on the central foot, put the helmet back in the box and click "finish". You will receive a summary of your journey by SMS and e-mail. It was fun, wasn’t it?

Where can I find ecoshare scooters?

Click on the map thumbnail and see where the scooters are located. Book your vehicle for free for 15 minutes.

Our service department makes sure that scooters are available and ready for your journey. After reaching your destination, park the scooter anywhere in the approved zone without breaking the rules. We guarantee that you will find the place without any problem!

Our system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The hotline is at your disposal off-season Mon-Fri 9-17 hours!


Our equipment

A large seat accommodating two people,
Two helmets,
Range up to 70km,
Top speed 50kmph,
High maneuverability


You're the fastest

Traffic jams do not apply to you. You go from point A to point B without any obstacles, and when others stand still you can go 50kmph. Wind in your hair, a wide smile on your face and you already know that you are the winner.

You are efficient

Clear billing system - we guarantee no additional fees, you do not need to refuel your scooter, you do not pay for parking, you do not need any additional insurance.

You are eco- friendly

Scooters are zero-emission vehicles, meaning they do not release carbon oxides, sulfur and other harmful substances. Thus you have the right to enter clean zones, as well as you are improving the air quality.

You are on time

Finding a parking space in the city center has always been a problem. Not for you! Our scooter, thanks to its compact size, can be parked almost anywhere.

What we need

Once you set up an account for activation, we need you to click on the activation link from the email, then complete all the contact details and send us photos of the driving license or ID card (if you were born before 19.01.1995).

As the first in Poland we introduced a dual system of settlements - you can ride on a prepaid account (first payment minimum 30PLN, each next 10PLN) or you can attach a credit card and do not worry if you have funds on your pre-paid account (you will be automatically billed for each trip).

Price list for Hel Peninsula

Thanks to attractive rates and a transparent billing system, you are able to save a lot of money by traveling with us.

Minimal ride fee is 3 zł

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